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“Your interests,
are our interests.“


The Enigmatic Riddle

Its Depths are Endless


The Contract Comes First


The Organization is a Neutral Support Organization. To some groups we are a shield, to others... a sword. Neither is entirely accurate, though neither is entirely spurious either.

We offer two types of contracts, short term, and long term.

Short Term

Short term contracts are our most common form of assistance. They are fixed term events upon which we render a specific service or series of services in exchange for an agreed upon payment. Upon fulfillment of the terms of our contract, we will be free to pursue other opportunities at our discretion, this includes offers from rival individuals and organizations. Examples of short term contracting include, videos, logos, icons, backgrounds, or information on persons or organizations.

Status: Accepting Contracts

Long Term

Long term contracts represent a non trivial expense and investment from both parties, as such, they require extensive discussion by the leadership of both the client and the executor culminating in the client's agenda, becoming part of our own. The details of long term contracting vary widely, depending on the particulars of the desired goals of a client, various discussions take place to get a sense of the clients needs and aspirations, with more detailed discussions taking place over time before a contract is signed.

Status: Accepting Contracts


"What assurances do we have that you wont turn on us?"
The answer to that question is that in the long run
there isnt any assurance of that nature.

While all contractual discussions and rendered services reside under a 2 year NDA (with the exception of public facing material such as media work), any material outside the scope of any contractual relations is considered to be a matter of free game.

Perception is the key

Read between the lines


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