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A Note

Earth /// July 14, 2018

We have been active in this community for going on five years, from the moment the original forums went live, and we have played the game alongside many of you.

We are your friends, your comrades, and your brothers and sisters in arms.

We advise you, debate you, frustrate, and celebrate you.

We are your most stalwart opposition, and your most trusted allies.

We are system builders and we tend to this community very carefully.

While it is certainly true that we have our own agenda and occasionally accept contracts from those of you looking to engage your rivals, our focus is not one we consider destructive but rather enriching.

The single largest concern with the community participants is what they have either read about, or experienced in games like EVE.

The reality of what is happening now, and has been ongoing for the last five (and counting) years is as far a cry from those sorts of exploits as the pitched scope of star citizen is from the original wing commander.

Metagame and Espionage in Star Citizen are thriving, and we have worked the long hours, days, months, and years to make that a reality.

Our work isn't for everyone and we certainly understand the nebulous and somewhat ominous nature that many associate with it.

However, the inherent disconnect between those who claim it is of no value, use, meaning, choose to narrow their pespective via a definition focused only on selective preference, who then also choose to speak about this topic behind close doors, in hushed tones, while toiling away to guard themselves and ward against their fear of the unknown is remarkable.

Take a step back from fears regarding material asset loss and fleet destabilization. Broaden your scope beyond the arms race of move and counter move. Think beyond petty revenge or rivalries.

There is a much larger picture to be seen out there, if you look for it.

Metagame and Espionage are a fact, further, they are no less valid choices of play style and interest than those of you nurturing thoughts and plans of exploration, piracy, bounty hunting, trading, or security.

They are simply another layer of emergent gameplay that makes this community, and in time, the in game environment, that much deeper, richer, and more engaging. While some of the things we've borne witness to have certainly scarred us for life, none of us can say the experience hasn't been worth the time and energy.

Here's to you Star Citizens.

For Immediate Release

Happy Holidays from the Organization

Earth /// December 25, 2017

For Immediate Release

Public Address Redux

Earth /// November 6, 2016